Gibson ES 175d-1970

Instrumental Musings … Gibson ES-175d

Gibson-ES-175d, owned by Michael Snow

GIBSON ES-175D  1970

I acquired this beauty as a straight swap with venerable British jazz guitarist Ivor Mairantz, who was also the main Gibson dealer in London. I had a vintage  Gibson L-7 that he openly coveted, so he gave me the 175 and a Gibson Hummingbird acoustic in exchange for the L-7.

If I still had the L-7 it would probably go for $ 30,000 or so, but it wasn’t a practical instrument for me at that time, so it made sense to do the trade. The Hummingbird has long since flown the coop, but this 175 is still a big go-to guitar for me, after 44 years.

Modifications: Replaced the original humbuckers with Seymour Duncan, and added a Bigsby.

Gibson ES 175d-1970
Gibson ES 175d-1970
Gibson Neck

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