The Dogs in the Street

The Dogs in the Street: Part 1 of 2

The Dogs in the Street

I go up the headland when I’m in the mood
To a pub that’s renowned for its high altitude
With the harbour below and a graveyard in sight
The craic in the backroom on Saturday night

But noontime is my time, it’s quiet and it’s calm
With a couple of old fellas bending the arm
A half of the Guinness, a short on the side
Talkin’ it over and watching the tide

Bar conversation with memories to burn
When a stranger comes in every head seems to turn
“How is it now sir? You look like a man
Who’se traveled you share to come back to this land…
Tell me the homeplace where you lay your head
Where you raised your children, where you make your bed”

I live in the Southland … Far Tennessee
But Liverpool town is the place that claims me
“Ah, Liverpool is it? I know it so well
A Large part of heaven, a small piece of hell

The dogs in the street all knew me in Liverpool
Barkin’ beside me and nippin’ my heels
Here’s to the town at the mouth of The Mersey
Here’s to the scousers, so have one on me.”

The Dogs in the Street: Part 2 of 2

Creative Commons Photo Credits:

Nadia Prigoda-Lee, Thrift at the Cliff Paul Holloway, St. George’s Hall |IrishFireside, Loop Head |Andrew_D_Hurley, Malin Head, County Donegal |InkHong, Stray Dogs | (aka Brent, 1960s aerial view of the Capitol – Post Card |Quole Pejorian, Irish Castle Graveyard |exacta2a, Old Liverpool Housing |Helena.40proof, Leed Liverpool Canal |kyezitri, Guiness en 568 ml. |Steve r Watson, Just a Half |TheJimmyLittle, Happy Fake Irishman Day |claireonline, Irish road |Duncan Harris, Liverpool from the Mersey #1

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