Framus Jumbo 1976

Instrumental Musings … FRAMUS JUMBO 1976

Framus Jumbo 1976

A one-of-a-kind instrument that was gifted to me by the late Karen Everly, Don Everly’s ex-wife, just before her death due to M.S. Towards the end she was bed-ridden and I would visit and sing songs to her, always using this guitar. The last time I saw her, she gave me the instrument.

The elaborate ornamentation and beautiful hand-painting indicate that it was not a production line model. The interior label is signed, identifying the luthier as F.U. Wilfer, and the painter as R.U. 22. It was made in October 1976.

I gather it was a presentation model made for Don Everly, but he didn’t care for it, so Karen got it after they divorced.

I string it with heavy gauge round-wound strings and tune it down one whole tone . It’s big-toned and brassy.

One thought on “Instrumental Musings … FRAMUS JUMBO 1976

  1. Reblogged this on alifeuntitled and commented:
    The shoot for these guitars took me a couple days. My good friend, Bob Berg, was nice enough to lend me his equipment and assistance to make it happen. It was a real stretch for me. I am more of a quick and dirty- go with the flow type photographer. I hated studio work in school and I didn’t supposed this exercise would be any different. I did get some satisfaction out of tackling some of the lighting and set up problems I encountered but I also ran up against my old complaint of the studio being so RIGID. I’m glad Bob talked me in to using all the gear though and I definitely learned a lot from the experience. Here are a few of the highlights from the learning curve-
    1. When doing something you haven’t done in about 15 years – be gentle with yourself. Frustration and negative head talk will only serve to prolong the process. Stick with it and you will find your way.
    2. Setting up lighting and getting used to using it can take a really long time- that’s ok.
    3. Don’t be afraid to experiment- It will make the studio work less boring (and it’s not like I’m shooting film :))
    4. Equipment is heavy and cumbersome but it does serve a purpose- use it.
    5. Big, fancy cameras with awesome lenses weigh a lot, climbing on furniture and on the floor along with repositioning guitars, lights and tripods is PHYSICAL. Be ready to be wore out!

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