Instrumental Musings … FRAMUS JUMBO 1976

Framus Jumbo 1976

A one-of-a-kind instrument that was gifted to me by the late Karen Everly, Don Everly’s ex-wife, just before her death due to M.S. Towards the end she was bed-ridden and I would visit and sing songs to her, always using this guitar. The last time I saw her, she gave me the instrument.

The elaborate ornamentation and beautiful hand-painting indicate that it was not a production line model. The interior label is signed, identifying the luthier as F.U. Wilfer, and the painter as R.U. 22. It was made in October 1976.

I gather it was a presentation model made for Don Everly, but he didn’t care for it, so Karen got it after they divorced.

I string it with heavy gauge round-wound strings and tune it down one whole tone . It’s big-toned and brassy.