From The Desk… Radioland

Radioland photo by Robert Ashworth
Radioland photo by Robert Ashworth

When I first began visiting these shores in the late ‘60’s, regional radio, both AM and FM, was a feast for the ears…..compared to the monopoly of the B.B.C. of the British airwaves, with only Radio Luxemburg, American Forces Network and the emerging pirate ships of Radio Caroline offering any choices for one’s listening pleasure.

Driving up from Florida, with the car radio set to pick up local stations only, you could hear everything from gut-bucket blues and soul through hard country and mountain music to Sunday church services, both black and white. It was exactly what I’d imagined American radio would be like, and it thrilled me to bits.

Corporate radio was still only a big-city phenomenon on the East coast, and Tom Donahue was breaking things wide open in California for FM. Regional jocks were programming themselves, and the concept of corporate programming had not yet come along.

Well, that was then, and now corporate/commercial radio has taken the hatchet to the beautiful concept that was free range American radio.

But…Lo! Surprise…there are still a ton of folks who want to bend an ear to gut-bucket blues and soul through hard country and mountain music to Sunday church services, both black and white.

National Public Radio stepped into the breach with myriad excellent shows, and the grab-bag that has been dubbed Americana grows exponentially.

Top 40 Radio? Country Radio? Urban Radio? Seems like a wasteland to me.

Mind you, I’m an old fart, and the last time I saw real twerking was in the West Indies in 1968. They called it windin’ de waist…..A much more exciting event than young Ms. Cyrus’s white bread (and literally white ass) version of recent times.

I can’t resist….it’s the same old grind! Can’t you hear the auto-tune in the air?


Instrumental Musings… Fender Precision Bass (Japanese Era)

Japanese Era Fender Precision Bass photo by JOtwell
Japanese Era Fender Precision Bass photo by JOtwell


This guitar was originally covered in this post: Check it out for more info.


A little history on Fender production in Japan:

History and info on the Fender Precision Bass:


This is a great video of some of my bass playing friends. The legendary Bob Babbitt was a Fender Precision Bass lover. Take a moment to enjoy the growl and scratch of the All Bass Orchestra playing Scorpio.


The Skelly Suggests… The Lads

The Goodbye Party
L to R: Tony Ashton (Ashton, Gardner & Dyke) – Michael Snow – Larry ?

I have had the pleasure of working with some amazing cats over the years. This play list is made up of just a few of those heads I had the pleasure to know. Enjoy!

Jerry Allison              Sessions, U.S.

Tony Ashton             Concerts, U.K.

Steve Bingham         Sessions, Concerts. U.K.

Billy Bremner             Sessions, U.S.

Joe Brown                  Co-Writer

Buzz Cason               Co-Writer

Alan Clark                 Sessions, U.K.

Jimmy Cliff               Live Gigs, France

Maurice Gibb           Sessions, U.K.

Clive Gregson          Sessions, U.S.

Instrumental Musings…Harmony H22

HarmonyH22 photo by JOtwell (click to buy)
HarmonyH22 photo by JOtwell (click to buy)


This guitar was originally profiled in this post:


You can see this guitar in action by Ronnie Lane of The Small Faces in these YouTube videos:

The Small Faces- Happiness Stan


SMALL FACES & P.P. ARNOLD – (If You Think You’re) Groovy Rare Beach Promo


You can read more about the Harmony H22 here:


Do you own one? Tell us about or posts links to the H22 in action!