From The Archives…The Creative Workshop

Michael Snow with his Gibson-ES-175
Michael Snow with his Gibson-ES-175 (photo courtesy of Travis Turk)


Recently sent to me by my old pal  Travis Turk, this is probably the first picture of me in a Nashville studio situation, taken at Creative Workshop in 1972, soon after arriving from England. Travis was the engineer at CW at that time, and I still have that lovely old Gibson ES 175 D. Thanks, T.T.

You Will Be Missed Joe B.

Joe B. Mauldin and Michael Snow
Joe B. Mauldin and Michael Snow

Heavy heart today, after yesterday’s news about Joe B. Mauldin’s passing at 74. He was an idol to me as a kid, and working with him from the late ’70’s onwards led to a friendship that endured.

The most humble and understated of men, despite his legendary status, he always projected an unaffected warmth and ease.

When Steve Winwood was first in Nashville we invited him to a party at which Joe B. and Jane were in attendance. When introduced, Steve went to his knees and kissed Joe B’s hands….when Keith Richards inducted The Crickets into the Musicians’ Hall Of Fame, his reaction was somewhat similar. Joe always seemed a little bemused by the adulation, but accepted it graciously.

As a youngster, it was beyond my wildest dreams that I’d ever be able to number Joe B. among my dear family friends, but what a blessing it was!

Deepest condolences to Jane and the girls; and his lifelong buddies, Jerry (J.I.) Allison, and Sonny Curtis

More about Joe B.:

From The Archives…Argyle Bell, Roger Colette, Pat McInerney and Kimera?

Elgyra Music Marketing Piece from the 80's
Elgyra Music Marketing Piece from the 80’s Click for a little history on Kimera 😉
A closer image of the gang
A closer image of the gang. Click for more info about Argyle Bell and his contributions to the Nashville music scene