Instrumental Musings… Fender Precision Bass (Japanese Era)

Japanese Era Fender Precision Bass photo by JOtwell
Japanese Era Fender Precision Bass photo by JOtwell


This guitar was originally covered in this post: Check it out for more info.


A little history on Fender production in Japan:

History and info on the Fender Precision Bass:


This is a great video of some of my bass playing friends. The legendary Bob Babbitt was a Fender Precision Bass lover. Take a moment to enjoy the growl and scratch of the All Bass Orchestra playing Scorpio.


Instrumental Musings … Springfield EWJ-20CE

Springfield EWJ-20CE
Springfield EWJ-20CE photographed by JOtwell (click to buy)


Clive Gregson and I had heard rumors that there was a store in the sleepy town of Springfield, TN, that  was importing and distributing a hot line of Korean-made instruments of very high quality, so we headed up into the country one fine summers’ day to investigate. We found the store in the old town square, and there was, indeed a shop full of gorgeous guitars, acoustic basses, and mandolins, all bearing the logo “Springfield”. We were the only customers, and they seemed pleased to have two Brits in their backwater as we sat down and began trying things out. At the end of a pleasant afternoon of playing, I had test driven every acoustic bass they had, and this one just stood out, and the price was sooo right. It came with a beautiful case, too- can’t go wrong, can you?

Instrumental Musings … Daion Power MK-XX



A guitar that Ray Flacke had lying around after an endorsement deal didn’t pan out. He handed it off to me. I use this solely for octave work employing a heavy gauge round-wound D and high E tuned down a tone as the only strings. These were actually high-priced axes made with great attention to detail and fabulous exotic woods, but they never caught on.

Instrumental Musings … Harmony H-22


HARMONY H-22. 1966

This semi-acoustic bass  was originally owned by Ronnie Lane of The Small Faces. I added a Bartolini pickup at the bridge, to reinforce the original DeArmond pickup. It is strung with heavy gauge round wound brass strings, and I usually employ a felt pick…almost sounds like a tuba!