From The Archives…Michael Snow and the Bolton Wanderers



L-R: Mellow Mel, Susie Monnick, Michael Snow, Cathryn Craig, and Mike Dunbar
L-R: Mel Owens, Susie Monick, Michael Snow, Cathryn Craig, and Mike Dunbar


This band was an experiment in what would now be called Americana…all acoustic, with Mel taking the place of a drummer with hand percussion, Susie Monick playing banjo, button accordion and other items from her arsenal, Cathryn and I on vocals and guitars, and Dunbar on bass. The name came from a lowly English soccer team. We gigged around town and did  a couple of live radio shows. It was a fun side-project for everyone- we never recorded anything. A few shows, a few laughs, a few memories. That poster is still on the wall at Douglas Corner, twenty-odd years later !

Troubadour… Totally In Your Hands (redux)

Lyrics by Michael SNow and Brian Willoughby Image by Janin Otwell CLICK IMAGE TO HEAR THE SONG!
Lyrics by Michael SNow and Brian Willoughby
Image by Janin Otwell


Brian Willoughby on how he came to write Totally In Your Hands with Michael Snow:

“Totally In Your Hands”, is the first song Michael and I wrote, in 1992, on my first visit to Nashville.

I called Paul & Ginny Kirkby in London, to ask if there was anyone they wanted me to contact, as they were frequent visitors to Nashville.

The rest is history!


Brian and I have gone on to write many more songs together over the years. You can buy the album this song is featured on here:

and as mentioned in the caption you can click the picture to hear the track!

On the Fly…Maggie’s GPS

On The Road - Towcester by JOtwell (click to buy)
On The Road – Towcester by JOtwell (click to buy)

Maggie’s GPS

A few years ago, I was visiting my late mother, staying in her house in Towcester, Northamptonshire, in the thick of horse country, and a long memory ago from my birthplace in urban Liverpool. Since my parents had moved to that neck of the woods in the late ‘60’s, I’d become familiar with the area during various visits from the States, and generally knew my way around.

On this particular occasion my dear friends Brian Willoughby and Cathryn Craig were touring the U.K. in support of a new album, and were scheduled to play a show in Northampton, about twenty miles from Towcester. Brian very kindly offered to pick me up at mum’s to carry me with them to the gig.

These two travel very nicely in a big Mercedes sedan, which had just been equipped with a GPS system . The British G.P.S. system at that time offered a selection of ‘voices’ to actually communicate the information and Brian, in his own unique way, had picked the voice of The Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher, as his voice on the G.P.S.

Once we got on the road, I realized that the directions weren’t anything that the locals would ever use, but I kept the gob shut. And the hectoring voice of the Maggie was quite entertaining as Brian navigated us into the tortuous one-way system of downtown Northampton, a questionable urban effort at best, and one which confounded me for years. As we neared our destination, there was a major road improvement project going on right in front of the gig, with the cones and all, so we had to cruise past. Maggie got irate “destination  passed. destination passed!”
We were all laughing our asses  off by this time, but we found our way ourselves to the back entrance of the venue, and were rewarded by Maggie’s benediction “you have reached your destination”.

A very fine concert ensued, and when they drove me back to Towcester, we didn’t use the G.P.S.!