Instrumental Musings…Ukulele by Rob Baldwin

Ukulele photo by JOtwell
photos by JOtwell

Rob Baldwin (my daughter’s father-in-law ) worked on the Gibson mandolin and ukulele assembly line in Kalamazoo through the ‘50’s and ‘60’s. He made this sweet, unique little darling as a “ lunchtime project”, utilizing scrap woods discarded at the line, hence the unusual single F-hole and high-waisted body. The neck is an intact Gibson piece with mother-of-pearl fret dots. Rob re-carved the Gibson head-stock into it’s current shape, and the tuners are standard Gibson uke pegs.

Rob gifted this to me in 2011, after it served as a wall ornament for many years. Restoration to playing condition was done by Joe Hinchcliffe at Corner Music, Nashville.

This is a total one of a kind.