The Skelly Suggests…Ladies of Steel

Letritia Kandle, Letar virtuoso and Steel Guitar innovator
Letritia Kandle, Letar virtuoso and Steel Guitar innovator. by JOtwell (click to buy)

It would have been amazing to be able to post a playlist today that included some of Letritia’s work BUT there are very few recordings that exist and none of them are available on the standard music sites. Here is a link to one of her songs that I got from The Steel Guitar ForumLetritia on Steel. If you click on the Steel Guitar Form link you will find more samples at the bottom of the thread. My next idea was to do a playlist of Female Steel Guitar Players. I had some successes and some failures. Please be aware that this list is a paltry example of the depth of players out there. It was made from what was available on the web. PLEASE feel free to make any additions you feel were left out. I welcome the input. This first entry is actually a YouTube video of Barbara Mandrell. It shows footage of her playing as a child and then leads into her playing today. Great video- 

Ladies of Steel

Summer Romance – Maggie Bjorklund

Montreal – Kaki King

Locust Grove – Cindy Cashdollar

Living in the Moment – Sally Van Meter

Weary Lonesome Blues – Sally Van Meter

Bone Chaos in the Castle – Kaki King

Spanish Fandango – Steve James and Cindy Cashdollar

Gay Sons of Lesbian Mothers – Kaki King

Frost – Maggie Bjorklund

Speeding West – Lucky Ocean, Redd Volkaert, Cindy Cashdollar

2 O’clock – Kaki King