From the Archives…Doris Troy & the Gospel Truth perform at the Rainbow Theater in London


This article was written about the “Rainbow Testament” concert and live album. Major ass was kicked that night, I assure you, and by the time the group picture was taken there were probably 40 people onstage…that pic is only a small part of the choir!


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The Skelly Suggests… Hey Ladies!

Divas illustration by Stirling Snow
Divas illustration by Stirling Snow


Over the years I have had the extreme pleasure of working with and/or getting to know many a talented woman. Some would be considered Divas while others might be considered Earthy Angels but all were/are a musical blessing! Listen and enjoy a sampling of their gifts:


From the Archives…Ferris Wheel at Black Bird

The Ferris Wheel performing live in Geneva
Translation: At the request of the public, the astonishing British group Ferris Wheel will remain until January 4 at Black Bird, 9-11, rue du Prince

This is a rare performance shot of Ferris Wheel while performing at the Black Bird in Geneva, Switzerland (click pic see street view of area today). Linda Lewis is singing with Dave Sweetnam-Ford and Michael Snow is behind the Hammond.

Read more about Ferris Wheel & Black Bird in Mersey Me! A Liverpool Lad On The Loose In The Swingin’ 60s (Amazon or Barnes and Noble).

From The Archives…The Ferris Wheel

The Ferris Wheel
The Ferris Wheel

Clockwise from center front: Linda Lewis, George Ford, Dennis Elliott, Dave Sweetnam-Ford, Bernie Holland, Michael Snow

This photograph from 1972 shows the final personnel of Ferris Wheel.

This line-up recorded one album for Polydor (UNI in the U.S.)

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