The Skelly Suggests…Cherry Pickin’ Joe Cocker

Joe Cocker by Naaman Saar Stavy Creative Commons
Joe Cocker by Naaman Saar Stavy Creative Commons


The following cherry-pick through Joe’s discography includes the writing credits for each song.

  1. THE LETTERĀ  ( Wayne Thompson)
  2. CRY ME A RIVER ( Arthur Hamilton)
  3. ONE NIGHT OF SIN ( Dave Bartholomew/ Pearl King )
  4. FUN TIME ( Allen Toussaint)
  5. MANY RIVERS TO CROSS ( Jimmy Cliff)
  6. YOU CAN LEAVE YOUR HAT ON (Randy Newman)
  7. I KEEP FORGETTIN’ ( Jerry Leiber/Mike Stoller)
  8. FIRST WE TAKE MANHATTAN ( Leonard Cohen)
  10. DARLING BE HOME SOON ( John Sebastian)

The Skelly Suggests…Bacharach



Isley Meets Bacharach
Isley Meets Bacharach
Painted From Memory Costello/ Bacharach
Painted From Memory








A suggestion to any Bacharach freaks out there : take ” Isley meets Bacharach” and the fabulous Costello / Bacharach collaboration :

Start with track 1.of Isley, then play track 1 of Costello. Go through both albums in that order, and you will end up with the most glorious example of Bacharach’s art on one disc. I’ve already done it, and it’s sublime…

With love M.S.

The Skelly Suggests…Electronica

Chain Of Command by Ken Mclaughlin
Chain Of Command by Ken McLaughlin


This week we will be talking about my foray into electronica by exploring the history and impetus for the creation of the girl band you see above: Chain Of Command. In preparation I have prepared a playlist to prime your ears for the pulsing beats. Enjoy!