Pub Stories … “Green Onions”

My friend and orchestrating partner, Ron Carthy, like many an Irish Catholic fella, had a good sized streak of irreverence to him, and when he was about to get married to the beauteous Jaqui, he came up with a corker … the ceremony was to be held at a Dominican church halfway up Hampstead Road; one of those Victorian Gothic numbers that our god-bothering predecessors so delighted in rigging up. However, it was possessed of a renowned pipe-organ, a real monster that could fill the vaulted ceilings to overflowing when the pedal was all the way down. Ron’s stratagem was beautiful, and I went with it all the way, learning the entire classic organ wedding Mass, but substituting “Green Onions” for the processional! It had been arranged for me to give the organ a test drive a couple of days before the ceremony, which I did under the watchful eye of the monk who usually warmed the seat, and of course I couldn’t go near the “Onions,” so I had to try to gauge the maximum volume this think might put out with the hammer down. Pretty heavy behind a little Bach, but when you think of the “Onions” riff … Ronnie was such a scampeen, he hadn’t even told Jaqui what the form was, so it was as much of a surprise to her, not to mention the congregation and the organ police, when a tastefully played wedding Mass ended with the pedal to the metal thunder of “Green Onions.” played on a giant hundred and fifty year old pipe organ … it had the desired effect, on all levels … Jaqui boogaloo’d instantly, the congregation, mostly musos, got it immediately, reacting accordingly, and the organist/monk was most displeased with yours truly, but he couldn’t stop me short of physical violence, and they don’t do that, do they? Needless to say, I was a hero at the reception …

Booker T. & The MG’s – Green Onions

Green Onions